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What are we learning?

Cities everywhere are beginning to explore generative AI approaches.
Here are some recent insights.
On October 18, 2023, close to 100 mayors participated in the Mayors Innovation Studio at Bloomberg City Lab 2023. In collaboration with the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched City AI Connect.
Diligently Exploring
While nearly three quarters of cities surveyed shared that they are exploring, testing, or implementing generative artificial intelligence (72 percent), only 11 percent have invested in building staff capacities, and just 13 percent have set policies and guidelines to govern its use.
Use Cases
A Range of Priorities
Current use cases range from building new algorithms to inform optimal public transit scheduling or to reduce congestion, to designing chatbots that enhance citizen services and expand multi-language access.
As we carve out this new frontier, government officials continue to find innovative applications for AI. In addition to providing this platform for members to share uses, City AI Connect will host events and highlight case studies, resources, and latest insights.

Download the research report on the State of Gen AI in Cities, conducted by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with the Centre for Public Impact, a BCG Foundation,  here.


City AI Connect is a global learning community and digital platform for cities to trial and advance the usage of generative artificial intelligence to improve public services.

Generative artificial intelligence, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, has the potential to analyze vast amounts of data to predict trends, helping cities improve emergency response, mitigate severe weather events, and target resources for infrastructure enhancements. The technologies might also be harnessed to design creative solutions that could transform government delivery by reducing processing delays, eliminating cumbersome paperwork, and expanding multi-language access to reach many more residents with vital, public services.

To maximize the potential and expand the availability of generative artificial intelligence learning for local governments, City AI Connect might offer local officials a single destination to ideate, develop, and test new utilizations with peers across cities.

Its purpose is to strengthen the human effort necessary to manage and deploy generative artificial intelligence in city halls, not to replace it.

Through social networking features, digital forums, virtual events, and a repository of blueprints and resources, city leaders might have the opportunity to exchange strategies and work with data and technology experts brought together by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University to accelerate implementation in their city halls.
In addition to the platform for cities to share their efforts with one another, City AI Connect has the potential to make aggregated data, anonymized case studies, and the latest insights and trends from localities trialing or pioneering generative AI publicly available.

City AI Connect was established by Bloomberg Philanthropies in collaboration with the Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at Johns Hopkins University. GovEx, a preeminent organization that works with city halls to bolster their data capacity and technological capabilities, manages the platform.
To learn more about additional resources for cities provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies, visit the Bloomberg Cities Network.

Why Join City AI Connect?

Figuring out how to use generative AI in your city hall? Join City AI Connect to learn from local officials in other cities and experts that power the platform. City AI Connect is a hub for local officials to ideate, collaborate, and accelerate the use of generative artificial intelligence to improve public services for residents across the globe.

As part of City AI Connect, local officials from any part of the world can:
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Share and discover ideas that work and real-world use cases specific to generative AI in urban settings.


Access a repository of prompts, guidelines, policies, and specialized training materials for cities using generative AI.


Connect with like-minded city leaders to collaborate on practical solutions.


Join events that will address early-stage questions and challenges in implementing generative AI in city management.


Gain guidance from leading generative AI experts at the Bloomberg Center for Government Excellence and the Bloomberg Center for Cities at Harvard University.
Once verified by the City AI Connect team, your log-in information will be automatically sent to your government-issued email.